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VIDEO: Cisco Brothers: a collaboration of furniture + art

Video Transcript

At the Cisco Showroom my guest is Maurishka Pinedo and we’re talking about two new collections they’re introducing this market.

Well thanks for joining me, this is beautiful talk with me about this collection.

This is actually an artist, a Cuban artist, her name is Sara Palios and we did this collaboration with her. She actually paints these fabrics herself and they are her own fabrics and then she puts the collages together on panels that we give her and then we turn it into furniture.

Each piece will be different because they are made by hand and each sewn and put together by her so it’s whatever creativity she is feeling that day.

Talk with me about another collection you are doing this market with the printed photography on the panels there’s actually some beautiful pieces there also.

So that’s actually also on our own designs we are adding new printing on it and I think it creates a great value to a line that we already have. Furniture can really be artwork and it takes it to this to a whole another place.

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  1. I love the art done by Sara, wonderful look.

    Shared this on our facebook:


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