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Children as Designers

I have a pet peeve. I hear parents all the time saying, “I want my kids’ rooms to be child-appropriate, but I want them to flow with the rest of the house.”

Remember, your home design is about YOU. Your child hasn’t had a say in it, and it doesn’t reflect her personality. But children, no matter what their age, need to have a space that THEY feel comfortable in and that they can be creative in. Let me put it another way: Designing a child’s room without his input is a lot like making him wear clothes that don’t fit!

· Let your child decide what theme the room should be. Have him make or choose artwork, or frame pages copied from his favorite books.

· Let your child select what color(s) the room should be painted….and if you’re willing, let her help paint.

· Don’t skimp on furniture – kids are rough on furnishings, so be sure to buy the most durable pieces you can find.

· Make sure the “bones” of the room are easy to transition. A child at 6 is different from the same child at 10 (or 17).

· If you’re using hand-me-down furniture, do something to make it feel like the child’s own – paint it, refinish it, or even just change the hardware.

· Give your child the opportunity to change her room as she outgrows or gets bored with it.

Give your children permission to express themselves and enjoy their childhoods. They’ll be grown and out of the house before you know it!

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