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10 Things You Can Buy Local to Complete Your Decor

In virtually every city, there are artisans doing incredible work that will make your home’s décor truly special.  After looking in the usual retail spots and not finding anything that …

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VIDEO: Ethnic Inspired Looks in Home Décor

Ethnic and tribal motifs continue to inspire the home. Starting from the ground up, American Indian and Moroccan-inspired looks in a wide variety of patterns and colors add ethnic flair …

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VIDEO: Ladylike Details In Furniture & Accessories Hand-touched, hand-worked, and hand-applied decorative touches were seen throughout the High Point Market. Crochet was seen in sophisticated new applications in bedding and lace applications took on new depth …

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10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Party Ready

If you’re a person who breaks out in a cold sweat just thinking about hosting a party, take heart. There are lots of easy time- and effort-saving ideas that will …

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The calm color blue was used at the fall 2008 High Point Market in many ways. Some designers went back to their traditional roots with dusty blues and some returned …

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Gardening in the Winter Months

Ensuring that your plants survive the winter not only saves you the cost of replacing them come spring, but also it often gives you a healthier, more mature-looking garden. I’ve …

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