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Fresh Flowers Help Make You Happy

Research shows that having a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home can make you happier and energetic. Add fresh flowers by the bed for a bright wake-up!

General Ideas & Quick Tips Organization

Birthday Planning for the Year

When you purchase your new planner for 2009, go ahead and buy birthday cards for everyone on your list. Sort them in date order, sign and seal them and put …

Holiday Ideas & Quick Tips Landscaping & Gardening Practical Tips For the Home

Keep Poinsettias for the Following Year

To keep your poinsettias for next holiday, continue feeding them through the spring and summer. In late September, place the plant where it will receive bright light during the day …

Art Ideas & Quick Tips

Art & Photo Arranging Tips

Keep the spacing tight when hanging a group of small pictures for a better impact. Too wide spacing can make the arrangement look sparse and misplaced.

Ellen's Blog Home Decor Ideas & Quick Tips Parties Practical Tips For the Home Recycling

Host a Décor Swap to Revitalize Your Home

I keep hearing about people who do “purse swap” or “jewelry swap” parties, and it’s got me thinking: Why not have a home décor swapping party? We all have accessories …

Furniture Trends Furniture Trends & Design Videos

VIDEO: Gray Color Trends in Furniture

Today’s manufacturers have dropped the high-luster, metallic finishes that were popular in past seasons, opting for more subtle matte finishes in a wide array of gray-infused shades.  Glossy metallics are …

Design Trends Furniture Trends Furniture Trends & Design Home Decor Videos

VIDEO: Home Décor with Geometric Lessons Designers were schooled in geometry this market with grids, chevrons and circles featured throughout market. Mirrors get a new image with concentric shapes and circles and artwork gets a …