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Design Trends Dining Room Dinnerware Eco-Friendly

Tabletop Décor Goes Earthy & Organic

The choice to go natural shouldn’t stop at the food that goes on your plates; extend your earthy inspiration to the plates themselves. There are many organic themes to choose …

Bedding & Linens Ideas & Quick Tips Practical Tips For the Home

Prevent Duvet Cover Shifting

Most duvet covers just don’t seem to stay put. To keep things in place, sew two 2-inch long pieces of thin elastic in each corner of the duvet cover. Then, …

Antiques Ideas & Quick Tips Practical Tips For the Home

Appraise Antiques Before Selling

There’s nothing worse than finding out your grandmother’s antique chest was worth thousands and you sold it for $50. Spend the money to have antiques appraised before you sell and …

Ideas & Quick Tips Office Organization Practical Tips For the Home

Cheap Pencil Holders

For a cheap update to your desk, simply cover washed tin cans and cover them in pretty wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. Create a collection of different patterns and different …

Ideas & Quick Tips Organization Practical Tips For the Home

Store Thread on Coat Hangers

A simple way to organize spools of thread for a quick selection is to untwist the neck of a wire coat hanger and slip the spools onto the straight part …

Ellen's Blog Home Improvement Ideas & Quick Tips Practical Tips For the Home Remodeling

4 Tips for Avoiding Remodeling Headaches and Mistakes

Some of my neighbors installed a new type of insulation a few years ago, and their contractor assured them that he knew what he was doing.  Unfortunately, he didn’t:  He …

Housekeeping Ideas & Quick Tips Kitchen Practical Tips For the Home

Citrus Rinds to Freshen the Disposal

Don’t toss citrus rinds in the trash. Instead, toss them into the garbage disposal for a fresh scent.