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Remove Grout Stains

Combine 2 cups baking soda, 1 cup borax and one cup of hot water. Brush into the grout, let stand for a few minutes and then rinse off.

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Test Paint Color on Foam Board

To test paint swatches without permanent damage to the walls, paint sections of foam board and then place in your room. You can move the sample around to observe light …

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Improve Dryer Efficiency

Use a toothbrush and some soapy water and clean your dryer’s lint filter at least one a month. A waxy film is left behind on the filter that you can’t …

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Trends around the Web: From the Obama White House to Your House

This week, the blogosphere was aflutter about the Obamas’ pick for interior designer…and so are we. But we’re also loving the clever ways designers have found to make our own …

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5 Tips for Smarter Furniture Buying

I’ve learned that the hard way over years of home improvement and interior design projects that it’s easy to make costly furniture-buying mistakes! Here are a few things I’ve learned …

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Natural Colors & Linen Look Great at Home

  Linen and natural fabrics are a welcome and calming respite for the home.  Linen is rich looking, soft and a great fabric to mix with other materials. The simplicity …

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VIDEO: Alexa Hampton’s Advice on Remodeling & Redecorating

Designer Alexa Hampton offers advice to homeowners on where to start when remodeling and redecorating your home.