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Make the Bed to Make Your Day

It is not surprising that incomplete tasks can make you feel out of control and a bit frazzled. Take control first thing in the morning and make the bed. You’ll …

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Minimize Magazine Clutter In Your Home

Don’t save the entire magazine when you want just one article. Tear it out and create a binder of favorite content, then toss the magazine.

A Transparent Choice for Tabletop Décor;
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A Transparent Choice for Tabletop Décor

Colored glass dinnerware is fast becoming a go-to choice for everyday and special occasion tables. Its airy, elegant presence is sophisticated enough for polite company…but heartier new designs won’t crack …

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Secretaries Furniture Work Hard in Home Decor

The secretary – with its plentiful drawer space and hide-away work surface — packs serious storage into a delicate footprint. Although the concept is ancient, secretaries have remained popular because …

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No Windex on Flat Screen TVs

Because flat panel televisions are covered with a plastic front, Windex and similar products will make your screen look smeared and distorted. Instead, use a microfiber cloth dampened with plain …

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Prevent Soap Scum with Lemon Oil

To minimize soap scum buildup, apply a light coating of lemon oil periodically to shower walls and doors.

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VIDEO: Candice Olson: Work with a Designer & Keep Your Style

Designer Candice Olson offers her advice for how to work with a designer and keep your own style.