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Art Ideas & Quick Tips

Art & Photo Arranging Tips

Keep the spacing tight when hanging a group of small pictures for a better impact. Too wide spacing can make the arrangement look sparse and misplaced.

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Host a Décor Swap to Revitalize Your Home

I keep hearing about people who do “purse swap” or “jewelry swap” parties, and it’s got me thinking: Why not have a home décor swapping party? We all have accessories …

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10 Things You Can Buy Local to Complete Your Decor

In virtually every city, there are artisans doing incredible work that will make your home’s décor truly special.  After looking in the usual retail spots and not finding anything that …

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10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Party Ready

If you’re a person who breaks out in a cold sweat just thinking about hosting a party, take heart. There are lots of easy time- and effort-saving ideas that will …

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Gardening in the Winter Months

Ensuring that your plants survive the winter not only saves you the cost of replacing them come spring, but also it often gives you a healthier, more mature-looking garden. I’ve …

Dinnerware Ideas & Quick Tips Practical Tips For the Home

Choosing Fine China Choosing China Wedding Registry: China 101 Wedding Registry: China Glossary of Terms How to Choose Fine China A Guide to Understanding Pieces of Fine China

Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas & Quick Tips Practical Tips For the Home Remodeling

Energy Efficiency Remodeling Tips: Brush Up Your D.I.Y. Vocabulary

When it comes to shopping for energy efficient windows and doors, most homeowners don’t know their “U-Factors” from their elbows. But there are important industry terms that homeowners need to …