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Trends around the Web: From the Obama White House to Your House

This week, the blogosphere was aflutter about the Obamas’ pick for interior designer…and so are we. But we’re also loving the clever ways designers have found to make our own …

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Natural Colors & Linen Look Great at Home

  Linen and natural fabrics are a welcome and calming respite for the home.  Linen is rich looking, soft and a great fabric to mix with other materials. The simplicity …

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VIDEO: Alexa Hampton’s Advice on Remodeling & Redecorating

Designer Alexa Hampton offers advice to homeowners on where to start when remodeling and redecorating your home.

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Fresh Flowers Help Make You Happy

Research shows that having a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home can make you happier and energetic. Add fresh flowers by the bed for a bright wake-up!

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Host a Décor Swap to Revitalize Your Home

I keep hearing about people who do “purse swap” or “jewelry swap” parties, and it’s got me thinking: Why not have a home décor swapping party? We all have accessories …

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VIDEO: Home Décor with Geometric Lessons Designers were schooled in geometry this market with grids, chevrons and circles featured throughout market. Mirrors get a new image with concentric shapes and circles and artwork gets a …

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10 Things You Can Buy Local to Complete Your Decor

In virtually every city, there are artisans doing incredible work that will make your home’s décor truly special.  After looking in the usual retail spots and not finding anything that …