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Children as Designers

I have a pet peeve. I hear parents all the time saying, “I want my kids’ rooms to be child-appropriate, but I want them to flow with the rest of …

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Care & Cleaning for Leather Furniture

Question: How do you clean leather furniture? Answer: Even premium leathers with the least processing and protection offer greater resiliency and serviceability than fabric upholstery. Maintaining leather in its finest condition only …

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Organizing Your Garage

Question: Our garage is a cluttered mess! Do you have any tips for getting organized and where to start? Answer: Creating effective storage in the garage can be done with …

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TV and Movie Trends Inspire Home Décor

One of my favorite things about Sex & the City is how the costumes designed for each of the four friends expresses her unique attractiveness and traits. Our homes should …

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Choosing Upholstered Furniture

Beauty and comfort are the criteria for selecting a sofa, loveseat or chair. Fabric plays a starring role in the beauty of upholstered furniture, but it’s the undercover story that …

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Wood Furniture Construction Techniques

Wood is warm and inviting, and is virtually limitless in its potential. Get some wood furniture construction techniques under your belt and take a stab at your own DIY project! …

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How to Buy a Safe Bunkbed

If you buy a bunk bed from a reputable retailer, have it installed properly and use it correctly, a bunk bed is a safe sleeping and space-saving solution. Find a …