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VIDEO: Animal Prints Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Animal prints are in, and they’re bigger and bolder than ever! Bedding made from animal print fabrics looks modern and sophisticated while upholstery covered in animal-patterned fabrics or embossed leather provides an uptown vibe.

Even case goods are going wild with faux finishes inspired by animal skins. Zebra prints are really hot, but classic exotics like leopard and alligator remain popular season after season, too.

Pairing animal accents with classic florals or stripes is a great way to walk on the wild side without shocking your friends or breaking the bank. Or, you can use accessories, lighting and occasional tables to embrace the trend.

From subtle to loud, there’s bound to be an animal-inspired pattern that will work in your home. What will you choose? Prowl around …your instincts will guide you!

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