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20 Ways to Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

We’re all used to turning on the television and seeing hundreds of ads about new products. Some ads catch our attention, but we mostly just tune them out. I know that I am definitely one of these people. It wasn’t until I read a blog about one of those “As Seen on Television” products that I was sold. So what is this product that succeeded in grabbing my attention? None other than the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

You might be thinking: “Why of all things would I be interested in a cleaning product?” Well I’ll give you one good reason…it really works!

The Magic Eraser can be used just about anywhere! Here are just some of the ways you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:

20 Ways to Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

1. Remove stains from dinnerware

2. Remove carpet stains

3. Remove shoe stains

4. Clean refrigerators

5. Remove stains on pots and pans

6. Remove nail polish stains

7. Clean computers and electronics

8. Clean gutters

9. Clean windows and mirrors

10. Clean toilets

11. Remove stains from plastic food containers

12. Remove hair dye from counters

13. Remove mildew

14. Remove tarnish from silver

15. Remove fingerprints from kitchen cabinets

16. Remove sticker residue

17. Remove paint scratches on cars

18. Remove dried paint on door hinges

19. Remove melted plastic from toaster oven top

20. Clean floor tile

Got other great ideas on how to use the Magic Eraser?  Share them in the comments below!


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