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Re-Vamp Your Garden – 10 Unique Gardening Ideas

No one wants to sit on their patio and look at a boring garden landscape. Traditional landscaping and gardening is like, so five years ago. Now, gardeners are ready to break out of the box (or pot) and get innovative with their landscape design. The trend of having “showpieces” within their flowery paradise is gaining momentum, and here are some unique gardening ideas to help get you on the right path to creating a garden worth showing and telling about on Pinterest.

Take a chair you were just going to throw out and make it into a beautiful garden conversation piece:

Oscar Mora

Via Oscar Mora

That rusty old VW van that hasn’t run since Woodstock’s heyday? Transform it into a psychedelic masterpiece (and store your lawn tools inside for convenient access):

Apartment Therapy

Via Apartment Therapy

Re-use a broken or outdated piece of furniture as a decorative garden accent!

1001 Gardens

Via 1001 Gardens

If you’ve got bird feeders and butterfly gardens, why not have a place to attract some fairies?


Via Flickr

Since ET went home, it’s only fitting to use the bicycle basket as a decorative flower holder.

Flickr 2

Via Flickr

If you’ve got old cars in your yard, make them over from an eyesore to a masterpiece!

Style Motivation

Via Style Motivation

Your kids and vinery plants will thank you:

Alternative Gardening

Via Alternative Gardening

If you don’t want to pay the high price tag for stump grinding, here is another approach:


Via Pinterest

…Or if you don’t want to haul away the logs from trees you cut down:

Pinterest 2

Via Pinterest

Easy-peasy accent pieces for your patio:

DIY Show Off

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